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It is not by accident that the global travel book Lonely Planet placed Slovenia on its top 5 of places to visit in 2022. Slovenia is a small country full of diversity. You can enjoy the mountains, the sea, the Pannonian plains, vast forests, and wine-growing hills in only a day. And not only that; It is a green country characterised by its constant striving for the sustainability of its green environment and rich culture.

Slovenia is a paradise for outdoor adventure lovers. Hiking and walking is the favourite local pastime, with cycling and skiing in the winter not far behind. Then there are also the crystal clear rivers like Soča, where you can try everything from rafting to canyoning. Every diverse landscape in Slovenia is a playground for many kinds of outdoor activity.

Though you might think so, not everything beautiful in this green land comes from nature. Human activity in Slovenia is in harmony with it, but it also stands out. The country’s history is rich with different influences, making the culture particularly vibrant and diverse. The architecture reflects that — From the Venetian-infused coastal towns, the Gothic churches in the Julian Alps, the art nouveau buildings in Ljubljana, and much more.

The same kind of mix can be found in the cuisine of Slovenia. Borrowing something from each of its neighbours ‒ Austria, Italy, Hungary, and the Balkans ‒ it has shaped its own unique dishes that are very much connected to the landscape they are made in. This makes Slovenia a great destination for all foodie lovers, which is why it was also named the European Region of Gastronomy in 2021. Dishes like the savoury Carniola sausage, the sweet or ‘Štruklji’ or the delightful ‘Potica’ are all worth trying here on your visit to Slovenia.

Join us on a small group day trips from Ljubljana, Bled, Koper, Zagreb and Venice to see the best places in Slovenia.
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