Ljubljana to Koper & Piran Day Trip

Visit best highlights of Slovenian Coast!

~ 11 hours
159€ / Person
Every day
  • Mediterranean coast
  • Town of Koper
  • Marezige viewpoint
  • Scenic villages of Šmarje and Krkavče
  • Slovenian Istria
  • Salt pans
  • Picturesque old town of Piran
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Included in price

English speaking guide
Comfortable transportation
All parking fees and toll charges
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extra charge light
Walls of Piran entrance fee
extra charge light
Sečovlje salt pans entrance fee
extra charge light
Wine tasting at Marezige wine fountain
extra charge light
Pickup / drop-off at your location in Ljubljana

Important for the tour

  • Difficulty: Leisurely
  • Snacks and beverages are not included
  • Shared group trip of max 8 people. Minimum number of guests applies
  • Private tour available with extra charge
  • Pick-up available at 4 designated spots in city center, extra charge for accommodation pick-up
  • The trip is conducted in English, Spanish guide available with extra charge


Time What we will do
8:00 am Departure from Ljubljana
9.00 am Koper
10.30 am Marezige view point
11.00 am Šmarje
11.30 am Krkavče
12.00 pm Sečovlje salt pans
1.00 pm Lunch break in Piran
2.30 pm Walking tour of piran
4.00 pm Free time in Piran
7.00 pm Return to Ljubljana

This relaxing day trip is a fantastic quick and dirty introduction to Slovenia’s coastal area. We’ll travel from Ljubljana to Koper, which is, like most places, a very short drive away. The countryside changes rapidly as you enter the southern part of the country though the picturesque Karst. After the port town of Koper, it’s time for some unforgettable views of the breath-taking landscape which only the Marezige viewpoint can offer.

Our journey then continues to the sublimely charming villages of Šmarje and Krkavče, both culturally very important places in the region. Next on the list are the Sečovlje Salt Pans, the northernmost Mediterranean saltworks and one of the few still producing salt in a traditional way. It’s also a wetland of international significance and a breeding ground for indigenous water bird species. Our lunch break will be in the unbelievably cute coastal town of Piran, followed by a walking tour of this amazing seaside gem. Perched at the tip of a narrow peninsula, this gorgeous town is a superbly preserved example of Venetian Gothic architecture and the narrow streets winding around its seafront main square have a special Adriatic vibe.

The day trip to Slovenian Istria will be marked by a relaxed pace, plenty of free time, and a list of very impressive sights. Breathe in the salty sea air, have a glass of famous Slovenian wine, and learn about the Istrian soul and ageless character! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

I am a single traveller, how can I book?

Don’t worry, just drop us a line in our inbox. We will do our best to try and find you some company, so if you are flexible in your travel dates, let us know as well. Do you want a private trip? No problem, we got you covered too.

Where do we meet for the day trip?

There are 4 designated pickup and drop-off locations that we use in downtown Ljubljana (see the options when booking). Your driver will be driving between multiple pickup locations, so we kindly ask you to allow a 20-minute window for your pickup, although we will do our best to be there on time. In case you would like to be picked up / dropped off at a different location, we can accommodate that with a surcharge of 9€/booking.

Is there lunch at a restaurant or do I have to bring my own?

You have the option of both. We have a time slot reserved for lunch on each tour, always somewhere with (usually local) restaurants handy. That said, you can always pack your own picnic lunch and eat it wherever and whenever you like. This might sometimes even save time in order fit a bit of extra sightseeing into your day.

How fit do I need to be for Piran day trip & Škocjan caves?

The best thing about our day trips is that they can be tailored to your own level of fitness. Most of the tours are designed with different activities available, so the choice is entirely yours. Please consult the difficulty section under a specific day trip to see what the difficulty level of the tour and particular activity is.

I am travelling on a budget - what if I can’t afford all the extras?

Don’t worry. Our day trips are planned with everyone in mind. If you find an entrance fee too expensive, or you are unsure if you are willing to spend so much of your budget on entrance fees, our guides will always have some free alternatives ready for you. From taking a short hike and finding that perfect photo opportunity, to relaxing in a beautiful spot, we have got you covered.

Will I have some time to myself?

If you want to, sure! We are well aware that some people love to stay in groups while others prefer some more alone time on their trip. We wanted to give you the opportunity to do things your way. It is your holiday, after all! As long as you respect the group timings and locations designated by your guide, please feel free to customize your itinerary and create your own adventure!

What should I wear for Piran & Škocjan caves day trip? Do I have to bring anything with me?

It is important to dress for the season. Slovenia has all 4 seasons, so please check the weather forecast before the day trip regarding temperatures and rainfall. When you are close to the Alps, the weather can change fairly quickly, so your best bet is to always bring an extra layer. We recommend shoes you will be comfortable in. If you are visiting caves, please remember that the caves are cold in the summer, as the cave temperature is constant throughout the year.

I have food restrictions. Are there restaurants for me?

It really depends on the level of your restriction. Vegetarian options are fairly easy to find in Slovenia, but vegan dishes, on the other hand, are extremely hard to come by in rural areas of the country and in smaller towns. Please note, that the places where we stop off at for lunch are often traditional and may have difficulties accommodating you outside of their standard menu. We suggest you keep this in mind.

How do the “extras” work?

There is so much to do in Slovenia, so we wanted to give you the option of choosing exactly how you would like to spend your time here. Which is why we have compiled a list of popular activities in the areas of your visit and categorized them as extras. Therefore, the choice of which and how many you would like to experience is entirely up to you. We set up some of the most popular activities in the areas of your visit and listed them as extras. The choice of how many and which you would like to do is entirely yours. When you arrive to a destination, such as Lake Bled, the itinerary always allows for any additional activities you might want to do, like visiting Bled Castle or taking a traditional boat ride to the island. You can book all of your chosen extras in advance. Your guide will confirm the bookings with you on the tour and make sure you know everything you need to know. It is always exciting when people come away from the same trip enriched by different adventures and can share and compare their experiences along with the tons of photos they have taken.

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