We want to be a part of shaping a better and more sustainable future, inspiring others and making sure to benefit our local communities and our gorgeous planet.

Sustainability is the only way forward

We strongly believe sustainable tourism is the only form of tourism that will ensure a brighter future. Science backed data suggests that approx. 8% of greenhouse-gas emissions are produced as a direct result of tourism activities. It is therefore our responsibility to lessen the negative effect on our planet by doing our part to reduce that statistic as much as possible.

We have taken and are planning to take more steps in the green direction to lessen the carbon footprint and fulfil our commitment to being a sustainable tour operator. To ensure future economic, social and environmental impacts correspond with our “responsible tourism goals”, we must strive to implement good practices within the industry, have a minimal impact on the environment, cooperate with local communities and work together with you, dear visitor.  

Day Trips Slovenia pledges allegiance to responsible tourism:   

Small groups mean smaller environmental impact and greater authenticity of visitor experience

As one of the world's largest and fastest growing industries, tourism affects biodiversity, natural habitats, fresh water supplies as well as places great stress on cultural heritage sites. But that effect can be limited substantially! Not only does our focus on smaller tour groups of visitors minimize the negative effects on Slovenia’s incredible natural world, it also makes our visitors’ experience that much better and disseminating environmental awareness easier.

We have a zero single plastic bag use on our day trips and encourage everyone to recycle or re-use. Our “leave no trace” policy promotes a respectful attitude towards all natural and manmade sites we visit. It’s not just about picking up rubbish, but the general awareness of the importance of sharing knowledge with our guests about the flora, fauna, the history and delicate environmental elements of any particular location as well as the conservation challenges that come along with travelling to these places.

Going local means going green

Responsible tourism is a proven pathway to overall sustainable tourism. It means individuals, organizations, and businesses pledge to take responsibility for their actions and their impacts. And that’s exactly what we are doing. Our local team makes sure all our day trip packages contribute to local communities and encourage local purchases.

We do our utmost to respect local cultures and encourage our visitors to do the same. We work with environmentally conscious local suppliers who conserve cultural heritage and traditional values while supporting local economies by participating with small, local businesses. From the accommodations to food produce – everything is taken into consideration in terms of conserving resources.

Transportation matters

Although we cannot influence air travel, which is still the main polluting factor in the tourism industry, we can impact the way we use transportation locally. That’s why we employ modern vehicles that are tested and meet or exceed all the required emission standards. Modern buses mean less fuel is required and lower emissions. Our itineraries and routes are always planned in the most optimal way so as to minimize unnecessary polluting.

Travelife certification

We hold the Travelife Certificate, a fair and affordable system that helps tour operators and travel agencies manage and improve various social and environmental impacts by complying with sustainability criteria.

Together we can make a difference

We promise to continue to be better for you and future generations. Let’s protect tourism together and ensure horizons are broadened and our souls enriched through the joys of travel in a world where nature and mankind flourish, not perish.  

We should all inspire others and lead by example when striving towards carbon reduction.

How can you be a sustainable traveller?

  1. Choose carbon-free transport whenever possible.
  1. Avoid single use plastic products (especially bags and bottles).
  1. Leave no trace
  • Plan ahead and prepare
  • Travel and camp on durable surfaces
  • Dispose of waste properly
  • Leave what you find
  • Minimise campfire impacts
  • Respect wildlife
  • Keep wilderness trails litter-free
  • Be considerate of your hosts and other visitors
  1. Choose sustainable accommodation
  1. Consider the welfare of wildlife
  1. Take a direct flight
  1. Choose your trip carefully (Hint: we can help you with that😉

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