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Day Trips from Zagreb to Slovenia

Zagreb to Slovenia day trip — Journey from Croatia's heart to Slovenia's stunning landmarks and embrace the beauty of the sunny side of the Alps in just one day.
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Ljubljna from above
Kongresni trg
Lake Bled Panoramic view
Bled Castle from Koper
Pletna bats
Guided culinary tour
Ljubljana market food tour
Group visit to Ljubljana
~ 11 hours
Travel from Zagreb into the heart of Slovenia — Experience the serenity of Lake Bled and the lively allure of Ljubljana on a day filled with scenic beauty.
From: 239€/person
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Ljubljana city center
Ljubljna from above
Postojna Cave inside
Kongresni trg
Postojna Cave
Predjama Castle
Ljubljanica river
~ 12 hours
Visit Slovenia’s charming capital and two of the country’s most iconic landmarks
From: 239€/person
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About Day Trips from Zagreb to Slovenia

Zagreb, the vibrant capital of Croatia, holds stories and remnants from as far back as the Roman times. With nearly a million residents, this city has stood the test of time, transitioning from a historical landmark to a bustling European hotspot. Every corner of this city whispers tales of the past, offering an abundance of cultural experiences with museums, galleries, and historical sites galore.

While the city brims with attractions, there’s a world of exploration that lies just beyond its borders. If you ever find yourself thinking of venturing out for a change of scenery, Slovenia stands out as a top choice for a day trip from Zagreb.

Zagreb’s strategic position makes traveling to neighboring regions a breeze. Excellent infrastructure, including well-maintained roads, frequent train services, and accessible flights, ensures that you can easily hop between destinations. So, after soaking in the urban vibes of Zagreb, a short trip can land you amidst the distinct charm of Slovenia.

Ljubljana, Slovenia’s capital, offers its own set of wonders with its unique blend of history and modernity. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Beyond the city, places like Lake Bled offer beautiful landscapes, while the Postojna Cave offers a glimpse into the natural wonders below the earth’s surface. If you’re in Zagreb and have a day to spare, taking this trip to discover the gems of Slovenia would be time well spent.

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