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If you love nature and especially lakes, you must visit the Plitvice National Park. Walking through sixteen karst lakes of various...
4 min read
Discover the top attractions in Venice, learn about its history, local cuisine, and find out what masks & gondolas are all about.
6 min read
Warm sunshine, clear sea, and spectacular cliffs are some of the many attractions awaiting you on the Slovenian seaside. Amazing s...
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If you want to travel beyond Slovenia and see something extraordinary, the Balkans are a travel destination you shouldn't miss!
8 min read
Ljubljana is a must-see destination. In every possible way.
8 min read
The gorgeous capital Ljubljana is the meeting point of this subalpine country.
4 min read
Lake Bled and Ljubljana, Slovenia’s top destinations, are super well connected.
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Slovenia has such an abundance of attractive places to visit, it’s difficult to choose only 10.
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We’ve all had enough of the traditional ways of exploring cities and their local history.
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Find out how Slovenia became the pioneer in sustainable tourism.
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Join us on a small group day trips from Ljubljana, Bled, Koper, Zagreb and Venice to see the best places in Slovenia.