Go Green With Sustainable Traveling in Slovenia

Find out how Slovenia became the pioneer in sustainable tourism.
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Blog Published April 13, 2022
Edited May 6, 2024

Find out how Slovenia became the pioneer in sustainable tourism and use these tips to plan the ultimate environmentally friendly holiday.

Soča River Valley
Soča River

It is impossible to speak about sustainable tourism without mentioning Slovenia. It is the first country in the world that was, in its entirety, declared a Green Destination of the World. With such a rich natural heritage that must be protected for future generations, Slovenia wisely decided to lay its future in combining tourism with sustainability and care for the environment.

Choose a small tourist group for a BIG impact 

A sizable number of countries focus their travel strategies exclusively on growth while completely disregarding the environment. Because of that, in many popular travel destinations (over)tourism now creates more problems than benefits. By choosing a small group tour in Slovenia you ensure that the pristine locations do not become overcrowded, keeping their original charm in the process. It also protects Slovenian nature and wildlife from damage caused by thousands of tourists running around.

Group next to Triglavska Bistrica in Vrata Valley
Vrata Valley

Go Local

Supporting local businesses boosts the economy and is good for the environment in so many ways. There are countless benefits of buying local, so we have chosen three that we believe are among the most important.

Fresher Produce

By buying and eating locally, you can enjoy fresh and nutritious produce. Many local producers pride themselves on keeping their products organic, hormone-free, and pesticide-free. That is also beneficial to the environment because the food waste from local producers is much smaller than the one of large retailers.

Local Workforce 

For example, if you buy your groceries at the local farmer’s market, you are helping to keep local growers, creators, and farmers in their jobs. The same goes for choosing a local guide that will make sure your day runs smoothly while you enjoy the stories of Slovenian culture, history, and daily life. When planning your holiday in Slovenia, we recommend you check out the amazing packages offered by Day Trips Slovenia that are led by some of the most experienced and passionate tour guides in Slovenia.

Protecting local land and wildlife

When you buy local produce, you also support local farmers and producers. With your support, these farms can stay in operation, and their land will not be sold to big businesses that would harm the land and the wildlife that lives on it.

Discover the natural heritage

Known as the Green Heart of Europe, Slovenia has an extremely rich natural heritage. There are over 1200 natural monuments in Slovenia, and more than 13 percent of Slovenian territory falls within protected areas. Wondering what to see in Slovenia? If you are a fan of the mountains and untouched nature, you can explore the pristine alpine areas by going on a Triglav National Park Tour from Ljubljana. You can also take a day trip from Ljubljana to Lake Bled and try the famous Kremšnita desert.

Lake Jasna in Kranjska gora
Lake Jasna

Ride with zero emissions 

It is a proven fact that fossil fuels are hurting the environment. That is why Slovenia is offering more and more options for going electric when traveling in Slovenia. If you are planning day trips from Ljubljana, you can rent an electric or a hybrid car. That way you will get you to your destination with much less or even zero emissions. They are also extremely quiet and usually have a lot of torque, which makes them a joy to drive. 

Treasures of UNESCO

Slovenia is a country with a compelling history and for it to be preserved for future generations, some of the most unique natural and cultural attractions are under the protection of UNESCO. By traveling from Ljubljana to Škocjan caves you can explore the largest underground cavern in Europe. The majestic subterranean river canyon qualified Škocjan caves to be placed under UNESCO natural heritage protection.

skocjan caves ebc
Skocjan Caves

Enjoy the car-free city center of Ljubljana 

Slovenian capital Ljubljana is proud to be one of the few cities in the world that made its city center car-free. For more than 10 years, the infrastructure in the center has been focused on pedestrians. But even if you are not in the mood for walking, there are plenty of options to get to the places you want to visit in Ljubljana. You can take the bus, hail a cab, or rent a bicycle at one of the many locations scattered around Ljubljana. There are even small electric vehicles called Gentle Helpers (Kavalir in Slovenian) that are intended for the transport of the elderly, mobility-impaired people, and visitors.


At times like this, one of the number one priorities for Slovenian tourism is that the visitors can enjoy the country without compromising their health. Under the GREEN & SAFE label, the Slovenian Tourist Board joined responsible travel standards and additional sustainable recommendations for tourist service providers and destinations. Not only did Day Trips Slovenia receive the before-mentioned badge, but we have also been awarded the Travel Life Partner award for supporting sustainability which you can read more about here

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Find out how Slovenia became the pioneer in sustainable tourism.
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