Triglav Lakes Valley

Triglav Lakes, known also as The Seven Lakes can be seen on a day or multi-day hike in the Julian Alps in the very heart of Triglav National Park. This glacially-made valley is located just above Lake Bohinj and continues all the way to the highest peak of Slovenia, Mount Triglav. The lowest of the lakes is Črno jezero or Black Lake (1,319 m elevation) due to the lakes colour. The next two are called the Double Lake or Dvojno jezero (1,685 m elevation) with beautiful aquamarine colour and are located next to a mountain hut. A little bit higher (1,830 m elevation) is the largest of Triglav Lakes, Jezero v Ledvicah and got its name after its kidney shape (ledvice = kidney). Zeleno or the Green Lake (1,988 m elevation) got its name due to the green algae in the lake. The waters of Jezero pod Vršacem (1,993 m elevation) are the only among Triglav Lakes that flow into the Soča River. The highest of the lakes and the last one is Rjavo jezero or the Brown Lake (2,006 m elevation), which can dry up in the hot season.

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