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Bled Island

It isn't only one of the main attractions to see in Bled, but probably the whole of Slovenia. Bled Island is home to ancient legends and is shrouded in mystery.

The island in the middle of Lake Bled is the only island in Slovenia and one of the country’s most renowned tourist attractions. Not only is it an idyllic place to visit due to its incredible location, Bled Island also has a very long, rich history, shrouded in mystery and legends.

It was where a temple dedicated to the pagan goddess of life and fertility was built by Slavic tribes. It wasn’t until 745 that a church replaced the temple and seven centuries after that a single nave was erected on its foundations in Gothic style. Renovated in 1465, the special feature of the church was a 52-metre high bell tower, made of porous stone. The church received its current baroque image in the mid-17th century.

Also built in that period was its 99 stone staircase. Today, the island is a favourite wedding venue, and traditionally, the groom has to carry his bride up all those steps to secure a long and happy marriage. Inside the church there’s a wishing bell, which has to be rung three times to grant the deepest wishes. Apparently it works.

Another traditional part of Bled Island is the Potičnica, a place where you can taste various types of the Slovenian “potica” cake. This festive pastry made from rolled leavened dough, spread with various fillings is served during Easter holidays.

Lake Bled view from the hill
Lake Bled view from the hill
Lake Bled view from the hill

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