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How to get from Lake Bled to Ljubljana

Lake Bled and Ljubljana, Slovenia’s top destinations, are super well connected.
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Blog Published : april 13, 2022
Edited : november 25, 2022

Slovenia is arguably the most accessible country on the planet. It’s small size and impeccable infrastructure make it a dream to get around. Every town (or at least its centre) can be explored easily on foot and every location is a stone’s throw away from the next.

But although the distances between places are remarkably short, especially if you’re visiting from a larger country, it goes without saying that walking from one place to another would still be far too time-consuming.

Ljubljana center

Joking aside, here are the numerous ways of reaching our lovely city of Ljubljana, Europe’s greenest capital, from the world’s most spectacular Alpine destination, Lake Bled:


Catching a bus from Bled to Ljubljana is extremely straightforward. Simply check the timetable & tickets, hop on, and enjoy the transfer. The bus ride takes approx. one hour and twenty minutes. It stops at other interesting places like Kranj and Radovljica, if you get a sudden urge to jump off and be spontaneous. Once in Ljubljana, the stops get quite frequent, so you can also get off at a particular part of town, like the famous Tivoli Park.


A train ride from Bled to Ljubljana takes slightly longer than the bus. You can choose to get on at Lake Bled station (Bled jezero station), which includes a change of trains at Jesenice. The perk of this option is that you get to travel down one part of the historic railway over Vintgar Gorge. It takes roughly 2 hours. The second option is the Bled Lesce station, a direct line to Ljubljana that takes about 1.5 hours. The downside being that you have to reach Lesce first. It’s just over 3.5 km outside Bled. A taxi ride there should be very affordable and quick.

Taxi or Rent-a-Car

Speaking of taxis, another Lake Bled to Ljubljana travel possibility is to simply call a cab. You’ll be in the capital’s centre in just under an hour, depending on the traffic and how heavy the driver’s foot is on the pedal. Do make sure to negotiate the fare in advance. Informative prices are one thing, but realistically speaking, you can probably haggle them down a bit. Whatever you do, do not blindly trust the taximeter.

Renting a car is another option, yet the prices vary and availability depends highly on the season.  

Carpooling or hitchhiking   

Carpooling in Slovenia is gradually growing in popularity, but it’s not the most reliable option. The only official site is this one. Ask and you might receive. Hitchhiking is not illegal, so if you’re a young traveller on a tight budget, go for it. As the Bled to Ljubljana route is a busy one, you may get a ride relatively quickly. Just remember to use your common sense when deciding on who will be your designated mystery driver and take care to pick a suitable hitchhiking spot (no motorways or other dangerous side-of-the-road locations, please).

Day Trips & Transfers

If you fancy a day trip from Lake Bled to Ljubljana, our packages are definitely your safest and best bet of getting your time and money’s worth. You can opt for a fantastic day trip with a lovely tour of Ljubljana or an incredible similar option, which also includes the magnificent Postojna Cave and Predjama Castle. Transportation is comfortable and your guide charming and professional.

We also arrange Shuttles en Taxis from Bled to Ljubljana. Affordable, reliable, fast.

Group below Peričnik Waterfall

So there you have it. Lake Bled and Ljubljana, Slovenia’s top destinations, are super well connected. You have absolutely no excuse left not to visit both in whichever of the two you happen to be stationed.  

About the author
A passionate ambassador of Slovenia, who loves the outdoors, culture and travel. Her curiosity equips her with all sorts of trivia and she loves to share local legends and stories. She is always willing to go the extra mile to make your trip to Slovenia a really special one.

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